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Intuitive Eating

Do you have food addictions, disordered eating patterns, or a long history of yo-yo dieting? Would you like to learn how to eat intuitively, and in rhythm with your natural hunger and nutritional needs?

Body Positivity

Do you struggle with loving and accepting your body, no matter what size, shape or weight you are? Do you hate the scales, or avoid exercise? Learn how to embrace wholeness and wellness from the inside out.

Plant Based Nutrition 

Are you ready to move towards whole food, plant based eating but don't know where to start? It doesn't have to be hard, and the health benefits are overwhelmingly supported by science!

Clinical Hypnosis

Do you want to gain 'Unconscious Mastery' over your food cravings, emotional eating, and unhealthy habits? Do you want to have breakthroughs with your wellness; body mind and spirit?

Group and One-One Coaching

Are you looking for a way to connect with other like-spirited individuals to keep you accountable and focused on your goals? Or, would your prefer personalised coaching to support you on your wellness journey?

Energy Healing

When we access our intuition, or our higher intelligence, anything can happen! Heidi is a skilled and qualified Intuitive Energy Healer, and Reader and has worked with more than10k clients to get them their best outcomes! Combined with coaching and hypnosis, you will be unstoppable!


Heidi has created a way that you can join in the conversation and find support for FREE! Be one of the first to join the new Tribe Forum and post questions, breakthroughs, and tips to strengthen the bond with other like spirited people. There's strength in numbers!

Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

Around 20% of the population identify as being 'highly sensitive', which contributes to struggles with body image and food addictions. Heidi can help simplify the confusion.


Discover more about Clinical Hypnosis, Body Positivity, Intuitive Eating, Food Psychology, Plant Based Whole Foods, Highly Sensitive People and much more.

Online Courses

Take advantage of the course that Heidi has created along her journey, so she can support yours. Taken from anywhere in the world, at any time you choose!

Heidi Jane

Wellness Coach, Intuitive Expert, Strategic Psychotherapist, 

Hypnotherapist, Colon Hydrotherapist (Woods Gravity Fed System)

As a woman who has struggled with her weight, disordered eating, and yo-yo dieting from the age of 12, Heidi understands how challenging it can be to navigate your healing process alone. She has discovered the tools and eating strategies, without dieting, to increase health, wellbeing and a true sense of self acceptance.

Heidi has a holistic, supportive, non-judgemental and practical approach to all she does, and has been working with clients since 2000.

Heidi is passionate about supporting 'Body Positivity' and specialises in 'Intuitive Eating', which is about so much more than your relationship with food.